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Insure with Amber!

Meet Amber!  Dedicated mother of two boys & a Montana native, Amber is a 4th generation farm & ranch legacy.  She understands the hard work, dedication, & sacrifice it takes for an operate to keep its legacy going.  Specializing in farm/ranch property, home, & auto insurance, she is here to answer your insurance questions & make sure you & your operation get the coverage you need.  Give her a call today!

Why do we even need insurance?

Most of us hope for a lifetime filled with all good moments. Unfortunately, reality of life isn't always forgiving. Bad situations are a real possibility. The things we work so hard for can be taken away without a moments notice. Insurance helps us and our loved ones recover after something bad has happened — such as a fire, theft, lawsuit or car accident. There are many types of insurance and below are all types Amber offers:

green grass field under cloudy sky durin

Farm & Ranch

brown 4-layer bricked building


After the Hunt


Dream Big


man riding white horse under blue sky_ed


How much do you value your
Peace of Mind?

Partnering your insurance with someone who understands your unique situation is a big step in:

  • Protecting your family, assets/property and yourself from financial risk/losses.

  • Providing damage control when bad situations hit.

  • One of the many needed steps in creating a long lasting legacy.

  • Gaining Peace of Mind.

When you call, you get Amber not an automated system. She would love to talk over all of your insurance options.

Give her a call today! 

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