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Howdy & Welcome to Daily LRP!

Daily LRP 5-26-23 Well a little down but its a holiday

The peak didn't last long. It is not a good test with the Memorial Day weekend.
I slipped away to get these out from the JR High State rodeo. Kids are doing well. If you have some to put on lets get it done tonight just have patients with me.

Converging or Diverging Basis Daily Look

Basis Calculation (CME Feeder Cattle Index - CME Feeder Cattle Futures).

CME Feeder Cattle Index $209.86 - OCT CME Feeder Cattle Futures $239.02 = - $29.16/CWT Basis

I encourage you to read Chris Swift’s article today! He always has interesting things to say they are found under Mid day and “Shootin the Bull”



for the 7 days ending
05/25/2023 is 209.86 👆🏻+$1.72
05/24/2023 is 208.14 👆🏻 +$.78

Want more Details:   Click below

1 HD Quote - 1000 lb. Steer Yearling Single

1 HD Quote - 599 lb. Heifer Single

1 HD Quote - 599 lb. Steer Single

1 HD Quote - 675 lb. Heifer Single

1 HD Quote - 700 lb. Steer Single

1 HD Quote - 950 lb. Heifer Yearling Single

Heavy Heifers 6 - 10.00 CWT

Heavy Steers 6 - 10.00 CWT

Light Heifers 1 - 5.99 CWT

Light Steers 1 - 5.99 CWT

z. Chris Swift Midday Cattle Com Article

z. Chris Swift Daily Com - Shooting the Bull News Article

CME April '24 Live Chart

CME December '23 Corn Chart

CME April '23 Live Cattle Price Chart

CME November '23 Feeder Cattle Price Chart

CME October '23 Feeder Cattle Price Chart

1. CME Feeder Cattle Cash Current Price Chart

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